The Sounds Of Battle

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

A Handwritten example of these Verses in an Illustrated Manuscript

"The battle drums beat and the horses dance. Weapons are wielded and the '''KRRRAAK' sound of metal against metal is heard. The fearless warriors clash and the Nihangs roar. Swords are wielded and the young Warriors are laid flat. Muskets are fired with the sound of '''TRRRAAK' and arrows fly with the sound 'KRRRAAK'. Spears are thrown with the sound 'SRRRAAK', long-shafted axes are struck with a sound of '''SHRRRAAK'. Immovable Warriors roar and the Nihangs move like leopards. Horses neigh and the trumpets blow. The warriors reign down blows with the sound of 'TRRRAAK'.

[ Guru Gobind Singh ji describing their battle with Hussain Khan and Ajmer Chand (Son of Bheem Chand) with the use of sounds and occasional reference to the 'Leopard like' Nihang Warriors. Fought with the help of Raja Gopal Chand at Guler (Kangraa Di Doon).

Taken from Sri Dasam Guru Granth sahib, Bachittar Naatak, Adhyaye 11, writings of the Tenth Warrior Guru, Guru Gobind Singh JI]

Image taken from: Warrior Saints (Amandeep Singh Madra & Parmjit Singh 2013)

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